CCTV captures 3 teens walking towards homeless man at night. What they do stuns security guard

These teenage boys’ surprising gesture to a homeless man, freezing on the streets, has inspired many people across the globe. Watch their amazing good deed caught on CCTV! They will restore your faith in humanity!

It was a cold night in December 2016, when three teens, identified as Szymon, Wojtek, and Marcin, were seen walking down the street in their hometown of Nysa, Poland. Two of them were each holding a bundle in their arms.

Their seemingly suspicious actions were closely monitored by the CCTV in the area.

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Soon, something amazing happened: The boys approached a homeless man, who was sleeping on a bench. They placed blankets over the man before tucking him in.

Then, they walked away, turning their heads to make sure the man was well.

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Such nice kids! Are you touched by the boys’ kind gesture?

In truth, the boys chanced upon the homeless man earlier in the evening and asked how they could help him. The man requested for bedding to stay warm for the night ahead, according to TVN24.

As the kindhearted boys didn’t want him to suffer through the cold night, they scoured the town in search of blankets and happened across someone throwing out their quilt, which they happily took to the homeless man.

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“We took the quilt for this gentleman. We hugged him,” Szymon said.

“‘Thank you very much.’ He smiled and went to sleep. I am convinced that it was worth doing. If someone asks for help, he should be given a hand,” he added.

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After security guards saw the footage, the town’s mayor, Kordian Kolbiarz, was informed of the trio’s deed. He was so impressed that he summoned the boys to reward them each with a smart watch in appreciation for their act of kindness, The Mirror reported.
“That’s a big gesture. I bow to you. The world needs such gestures,” said Mayor Kolbiarz.

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Thanks to the boys’ kind act, which caught the attention of the mayor and the media, eventually, it was reported that the man was no longer homeless.

© Yahoo | Nysa Mayor’s Office

The boys’ story has since been shared across the globe, inspiring many people.

In spite of the overwhelming responses over their remarkable gestures, the boys remain humble and don’t think of themselves as heroes.

“It was a typical human response to the needs of another man, nothing extraordinary,” Szymon said.

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CCTV captures 3 teens walking towards homeless man at night. What they do stuns security guard