Lady found abandoned newborn at doorsteps. 17 years later, what she saw on TV made her dial a number

A newborn baby was left on a doorstep in an apartment complex with her umbilical cord still attached. A family found her, called the police, and had wondered what happened to her ever since. Seventeen years later, a local news broadcaster helped them find out.
It was a morning like any other for Toni McNair on Nov. 12, 1999. As she was leaving for work at 6 a.m., she saw the bundle outside her front door, under the stairwell. She thought it was a kitten at first by the faint cries she heard. But to her astonishment, it was a baby, newborn, with an umbilical cord wrapped under her arm.

Toni screamed for her sons Wille and Ricky, and they called the police. She then accompanied the baby to the emergency room.

The media reported the story about the baby, dubbed Baby Doe. She was adopted by a good family when she was 6 weeks old.
Ever since then, Toni and her sons had wondered what became of Baby Doe. They would never forget that day.

Then, nearly two decades later, in 2017, Willie saw a feature about Baby Doe on FOX8. She was now 17 years old, and her name was Angel Thomas.

He told his mom to contact Fox8, and the media company immediately decided to arrange a reunion.

Apparently, Angel’s biological mother, Rochetta, was only 13 years old when she was impregnated by a man who ought to have been charged with statutory rape of a minor.

Rochetta said the man had attacked her after she gave birth and had stolen the baby. In a twist of fate, Rochetta also happened to catch the report on Baby Doe on FOX8. She had never stopped thinking about her child.

When the day of the reunion finally arrived, after 17 years, Toni and her sons went to the apartment where they had once lived to meet Angel and her adopted parents. Toni was in tears when she and Angel finally embraced. “I always wondered what happened to you,” said Toni, who was moved to tears.

“If it wasn’t for y’all, I wouldn’t be here,” said Angel. “It’s just crazy to think that people who never knew me, or knew me for just a split second of my life, still thought about me 17 years later.”

It was an epic reunion and a beautiful end to the mystery of what became of Baby Doe. “I feel loved,” she said.

Watch FOX8’s video of this memorable moment!

Photo Credit: Video Screenshot | FOX8.

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Lady found abandoned newborn at doorsteps. 17 years later, what she saw on TV made her dial a number