Simon steps in when ‘AGT’ escape artist act goes wrong—then they’re all in for a shock!

What does this “AGT” performer have in common with Dorothy Deitrich, Anthony Martin, and Harry Houdini? If you’re thinking “escape artist,” then you got it right! Will this guy be able to pull off escaping being buried alive before he runs out of air?

Demian Aditya brought the judges outside to an excavation site for this performance, for he was to be buried alive!

“You can see that I have a 10-foot hole in front of me. I’m gonna be tied with a chain, padlock, cuff and be laid down inside [the wooden box]. And the crew is gonna cover the lid, and they’ll pour the sand. I only have 1 minute to escape before all this sand cover the hole and I lost my breath.”

While the judges had worried looks on their faces, his wife was beside herself and in tears. “I’m really scared right now because this is like the most dangerous act that he ever did.” Tyra Banks offered her a shoulder to lean on.

Simon asked a precautionary question, “Is there anything we should be doing if it goes beyond one and a half minute?” Demian said there was a camera installed inside the box, and that everyone will know if it’s time for rescuers to step in.

But before starting, he said he needed something from his wife, a bobby pin from her hair. They embraced one last time before he descended the ladder and set foot in his coffin.

The crew then proceeded to fasten him with chains, a padlock, and handcuffs so that he was immobilized. They closed the lid, and started shoveling dirt and rocks into the hole.

Within just a few seconds, Demian was free of the cuffs having used his wife’s bobby pin, and he began working on the chains.

Judge Howie pointed to the screen and queried, “What if he’s in trouble now, how can he even say something?”

With just 30 seconds worth of air left, suddenly, the camera malfunctioned, and the screen went black. Then, panic set in.

Simon decided to intervene in the daredevil performance. “Guys, guys, guys, seriously? … get him out, get him out.” But as if oblivious, the crew kept shoveling more and more dirt into the hole.

At that point, Demian’s wife started shouting hysterically, “Get him out! Get him out!”

Then, suddenly, one of the men shoveling dirt exclaimed, “Wait, wait, wait!” He removed his hat and goggles, and, to everyone’s shock, it was Demian! Somehow, he’d defied everyone’s notice amidst the commotion, and here he was, above ground!

How did he do it? Well, you know what they say, “the magician never reveals his secrets.”

Watch the heart-pounding performance below:

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Simon steps in when ‘AGT’ escape artist act goes wrong—then they’re all in for a shock!