Woman near 60 says she looks ‘invisible,’ in need of new look—then she makes a phone call

The world never stops changing, and it is easy to get left behind, be it in the latest fashions or in our looks. This woman’s daughter was about to get married, and mom needed to get a fresh look for the wedding fast! That’s what led her to call on “The Makeover Guy.”
Bev was shopping one day when a makeover book by Christopher Hopkins caught her eye. She was intrigued and had always wanted to seek him out but hadn’t had the courage to do so till then.

“It’s a certain point in your life when you kinda become invisible. And I just thought it was time for change. Things that, you know, used to work for me are not working so well anymore. The hair has changed, the skin has changed. The shapes have changed. Pretty much all of it,” shared Bev.

But what really gave her the impetus was that her daughter’s wedding was coming up. Bev shared how her daughter works in the fashion industry and jokingly added how she didn’t want her to be embarrassed.

Then, it was time to make Bev visible again! Christopher went into makeover mode and started working his magic.

And voila! Bev looks so different she could hardly recognize herself in the mirror. “You’re very pretty … Meryl Streep, that’s my thought,” says Chris.

“Seeing the transformation has just been phenomenal! I wish I would’ve done it a long time ago,” said a newly transformed Bev.

It just goes to show what looks can do for a woman. A change in looks can be a boost in confidence. A total transformation indeed!

See Bev transform from unsure to totally confident in the video below

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Woman near 60 says she looks ‘invisible,’ in need of new look—then she makes a phone call